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Do You Need A Buy Pyrilutamide?

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Pyrilutamide (developmental code name KX-826) is a high-affinity androgen receptor antagonist being developed by Kintor Pharmaceuticals for treating androgenic alopecia. It has been tested in multiple clinical trials which are randomized, double-blind, and placebo controlled.

All raw materials used in the production of Buy Pyrilutamide are >99% pure. It is compounded in a optimised ethanol and propylene glycol solution for storage. It maintains its potency for more than one year upon mixing.


Buy Pyrilutamide is an androgen receptor antagonist that has been patented by Kintor Pharmaceuticals for hair loss. It is applied topically and can be used in men or women with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness). The compound has been tested in a clinical trial. It was found to be effective for alopecia in both men and women, as well as in children with alopecia. It is also known to reduce acne in patients.

The drug is a very strong antagonist of the androgen receptor. It works by binding to the AR to prevent it from binding with dihydrotestosterone. It is the most potent topical anti-androgen available. It is also reported to have very few side effects.

The raw material pyrilutamide (aka KX-826) we use is >99% pure, and comes in a 1ml bottle with a built in pipette for easy application. Each order is sent with a graduated plastic 1ml pipette for more accurate measurements. The Kintor pharmaceuticals hair loss chat channel has some unique updates about their US phase 2 trials for their product KX-826 for androgenetic alopecia.

Side effects

Pyrilutamide is a topical androgen receptor (AR) antagonist being developed by Kintor Pharmaceutical. It is a high-affinity silent antagonist of the AR and has completed phase II clinical trials in both China and the United States.

The drug binds to the AR to prevent DHT from binding, thereby blocking testosterone and other androgens that cause hair loss. It is currently the strongest topical anti-androgen available, and it has demonstrated a good safety profile in clinical trials.

Unlike oral anti-androgens such as finasteride and minoxidil, which can have bothersome side effects, topical pyrilutamide has been shown to be well tolerated by patients. It has also been able to significantly increase scalp coverage, particularly in the crown and temple areas.


Buy Pyrilutamide in Europe is a topical non-steroidal anti-androgen that acts by blocking testosterone and dihydrotestosterone from binding to the hair follicle and disrupting their growth cycle. It has been shown to be effective in phase II trials and to have an acceptable side effect profile. Its efficacy and safety were demonstrated in patients with male pattern baldness.

PyriPure contains pure pyrilutamide, also known as KX-826, in a propylene glycol and ethanol vehicle. The purity of the raw material is tested and confirmed by a 3rd party prior to usage. The solution maintains potency for several years upon mixing.

Pyrilutamide is a promising topical treatment for alopecia. It was developed by Kintor Pharmaceutical and has potential to be a first-in-class drug for androgenetic alopecia, as well as acne vulgaris and prostate cancer. It works by blocking testosterone and DHT from binding to the androgen receptor, which is the key component of alopecia. It is similar to finasteride and RU 58841 in this regard.


Pyrilutamide (development code KX-826) is a topical androgen receptor antagonist. It is being studied for its potential to treat male pattern baldness and acne vulgaris. Pyrilutamide has an extremely high affinity for the androgen receptor and blocks binding of DHT to androgen receptors, thereby decreasing follicular activity and preventing hair loss.

In a press release Kintor Pharmaceutical announced the first patient has been dosed in their US phase 2 trial of pyrilutamide for androgenetic alopecia. This is a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study to observe changes in non-vellus hair over a 6 month period.

The pyrilutamide solution is supplied in a 30ml bottle and contains a propylene glycol and ethanol vehicle for ease of administration. It is >99% pure and comes with a calibrated dropper for precise measurements. Pyrilutamide is also known as KX-826, Ru58841, and WAY 316606. It was developed as a prostate cancer drug but has shown promise in treating male pattern baldness.

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